Cavity Wall Tie Replacement in Burscough

wall tie replacement in BurscoughWe received a call last week from a man wanting cavity wall tie replacement in Burscough. The vertical brickwork in his cavity wall had cracked, and he had the good sense to realise that quick action was needed to prevent the problem from getting worse. That’s why he called Apex Damp and Wall Ties, the specialists in damp proofing and cavity wall repairs across the North West.

Burscough cavity wall tie replacement can be quicker and less expensive than you think. Many homes in Burscough, and across Merseyside, still have the original cavity wall ties that were used when the wall was first built. These galvanised wall ties are durable, but after around 70 years the have come to the end of their effective life. Old wall ties will rust and expand, and it’s this that causes the cracking that our client had experienced on his cavity wall. Eventually, the mortar joints will be forced apart, and the wall will become unstable. You’ll also notice water penetrating into your home, and your home will begin to feel cold and damp.

Our client was concerned about the disruption that cavity wall tie replacement in Burscough could bring, but there’s no need to worry about that. We use the latest techniques and technology, to allow us to replace cavity wall ties without having to remove sections of the wall itself. We use cutting edge borescope equipment to determine whether the existing cavity wall ties are rusting and damaged. If they are, we spring into action quickly and efficiently. Our work can be carried out at times to suit you, and we’re always happy to provide a free quote. If you’re worried about the cavity wall ties in your home, or see signs of cracking on your bricks, then phone us without delay.