Cavity Wall Tie Replacement in Childwall

cavity wall tie replacement in ChildwallYou may have been told that you need cavity wall tie replacement in Childwall. Why would you need to replace something that has been placed inside the cavity wall? If it is an older house, the cavity wall ties might have corroded. If the thought of extensive and expensive building repair work makes you worry, why not contact Apex Damp and Wall Ties? They are professional cavity wall ties and damp proofing specialists.

In Childwall, replacing your cavity wall ties has never been easier. The expert team at Apex use the latest technology to see inside your wall. Using a borescope, they can determine the extent of the corrosion that has taken place. As a result of the type of steel used in the in the construction of older houses, ties will begin to rust and corrode over the years. This is caused by damp conditions over many years. There are different types of ties and to determine what is needed to be replaced and the method that would be used depends on what type of wall ties are currently in the walls. Sometimes there are external signs that corrosion has taken place and this is usually in the form of horizontal or diagonal cracks on the outer brick work.

Apex Damp and Wall Ties will professionally conduct a cavity wall tie replacement in Childwall. They will find the problem areas and replace the ties professionally and speedily. They will also do any additional repairs should they be necessary. This reputable company offers affordable rates for top quality work. For over 20 years, they have provided quality workmanship to their clients, and continue to do so. They also offer 25 and 30 year insurance backed guarantees on their work. If you are uncertain about the cavity wall ties and need your questions answered, give them a ring and their friendly, professional staff will put your mind at ease. For professionally done cavity wall tie replacement, contact Apex Damp and Wall Ties.