Cavity Wall Tie Replacement in Rainford

cavity wall tie replacement in RainfordWith cavity wall tie replacement in Rainford, you can ensure the structural integrity of your home. Wall ties used in cavity walls – hollow walls for thermal maintenance – are designed to secure and support the wall, but often need repairing due to exposure to the elements or poor construction. If you notice any cracks or buckling in your walls, or any signs of collapse and a loss of insulation, your wall ties may need replacing. Apex Damp & Wall Ties are the friendly team of professionals to assist in identifying and replacing deteriorating wall ties. With over 20 years’ experience in the field, Apex Damp & Wall Ties are fully equipped to service domestic, commercial and industrial buildings.

In Rainford, cavity wall tie replacement is necessary when wall ties are not properly embedded in the masonry, if the mortar is of an inferior quality, or if rust and corrosion has affected the wall ties. An insufficient number of wall ties in a wall can also lead to a structurally inefficient wall. Not only will this result in collapsing, buckling and cracked walls and loss of insulation, but can also extend to surrounding walls and the roof as well, compromising your entire building. Repairing or replacing your wall ties will not only prevent these damages from occurring, but will also increase the value of your building.

When doing cavity wall tie replacement in Rainford, Apex Damp & Wall Ties will ensure that the aesthetic and cosmetic appearance of your building is maintained. They will conduct a survey of your walls using equipment such as borescopes, and offer mechanical ties, lateral restraints, cellar conversions and crack repairs. They offer 25 and 30-year insurance backed guarantees on all work done. You can relax in the knowledge that your home is structurally secured by the competent, professional team from Apex Damp & Wall Ties. For more information concerning cavity wall tie replacement, contact Apex Damp & Wall Ties.