Condensation Problems in Crosby

Condensation Problems in CrosbyAre you experiencing condensation problems in Crosby?  Do you know the rich histories surrounding the town of Crosby? The town itself is over 1000 years old! Do you know the age of your own house? Do you know when, how or with what it was constructed? Perhaps it is less than 20 years old or perhaps it is over 100 years old. Damp does not care. Damp will seep in wherever it can and affect any building at any age. Aside from the cold, the biggest problem with damp is that it encourages mould. Mould, growing through the paint, plaster and mortar will not only weaken the integrity of the paint, plaster and mortar with time, but will also release spores. Some of those spores are toxic. Toxic to you and your family’s health and well-being. To tackle these and other damp related issues, Apex Damp & Wall Ties are highly recommended.

In Crosby, condensation problems are bound to occur at some point. Given the rich history and variety of houses, a specialist knowing exactly how to target your house and all its problems is preferable. Apex are specialists in cavity wall ties and damp proofing, however with over 20 experience in the industry, they are confident and capable in tackling any, and all wall types and related problems. Their work is also backed by a 25 and 30-year insurance guarantee for your peace of mind.

Apex Damp & Wall Ties specialise in condensation problems in Crosby and are your one-stop-damp proofing-company. As they are able to find the source of problems, with their high-tech borescope and so will not just mask the symptoms. Proper solutions can be found and implemented swiftly. Experts at not only damp related problems, they know how to restore your wall too. Basement and cellar conversions are done safely and correctly. Wondering what is causing those cracks? Worried about the peeling plaster? Wanting the extra space but not sure who to call that will do it correctly? Contact Apex Damp & Wall Ties for a full report or a free estimate if you are experiencing condensation problems.