Condensation Specialist in Aughton

Condensation Specialist in AughtonHas the time come to expand your living space? If you choose to expand to your basement you will need a condensation specialist in Aughton. Actually more people do choose to expand living space into the basement. There is usually more room and no need for enforcing floor structure. Incorporating the basement into the current living space will likely have a better traffic flow. You will want the air in your lower level to be fresh and clean for a pleasant atmosphere but the majority of older structures cannot claim such a benefit. At least, not until they have Apex Damp and Wall Ties out for assistance and advice.

In Aughton, a condensation specialist, preferably Apex Damp and Wall Ties will examine your foundation for seepage. Dampness can enter your basement from a variety of sources. A heavy rain season raises ground water levels and results in wetter than usual concrete flooring. Insects you have never seen may be boring tiny holes in the wood framework allowing dampness to permeate and cause rotting of the wood.  Sweating water pipes slowly drip moisture. Left unattended, dangerous mould, a living organism, begins to grow and the smell of it is all about. This is not the scenario you want surrounding your children’s playroom or your home office.

Apex Damp and Wall Ties, condensation specialist in Aughton, has the right solution to make your plans for more living space a desirable reality.  The company has an excellent reputation and has been in business for 20 years. They use only top quality Pam Ties water proofing products. They will even make available to you a 25 or 30 year insurance guarantee.  Do not settle for a less reputable company.  You can trust Apex Damp and Wall Ties to create a safe space where your family will spend time and where you place carpet and furnishings. Whatever the cause or causes of the dampness in your home, Apex Damp and Wall Ties has the equipment and expertise to solve every issue to your complete satisfaction.