Dry Rot Specialist in Maghull

Dry Rot Specialist in MaghullLiving in a house with dry rot is probably something you want to avoid and you can get a dry rot specialist in Maghull to help you out. The company offers quite a lot of services that could help make your house stronger and safer to dry rot. Since UK is a country that gets a lot of rain and moisture, the vast majority of the houses will experience issues of dry rot, high moisture levels, wood boring insects, and so on at some point. And if you are looking for an experienced company that could help you with any of the issues, Apex Damp & Wall Ties is the specialist you will want.

In Maghull, dry rot specialist, Apex Damp & Wall Ties have been the company has been the clients come looking for. Recently, a client was having issues with his wooden furniture; there were insects in the house causing damage to the timber and so the client gave the company a call and got an idea about the estimate to eradicate all the insects and wood-destroying fungi from the house. Once he gave them the green light, the company reached the client’s house, got to work; they used insecticides to get rid of all the insects that were causing the damage. Among the various insects that can cause damage on your wooden furniture are wood beetles, termites, and carpenter ants just to mention a few. The client was satisfied with their work and the promptness and eagerness that they demonstrated when he reached out for help. The company is renowned for their friendly and reliable services as well as quality workmanship. Apex Damp & Wall Ties is always pleased to help a client by making sure his house or his workplace is free and structurally strong.

If you ask around, it’s not surprising that people recommend the dry rot specialist in Maghull. They have built a good reputation in the North West, Wales and surrounding areas. For more details about their work and services, you can reach the company by giving them a call. Please note that you can also request a free estimate. For information regarding a dry rot specialist, contact Apex Damp & Wall Ties.