Use a Dry Rot Specialist in Ormskirk

Dry Rot Specialist in Ormskirk How important is it to hire a dry rot specialist in Ormskirk? Beetles, woodworm, wet rot, dry rot and wood boring insects can do critical damage to the structure of your home. The presence of moisture, as well as insects in the wood or brickwork may seep into the timber and sap its stiffness and strength. They can even penetrate though the masonry and walls and creep throughout the structure of a building in search of new wood to digest and infest. Given the severity of the damage that dry rot may create, the help of a specialist on damp proofing and wall-tie replacement will enable you to cut the cost of the resulting damage once you notice first signs of wood decay, water intrusion or damage.

In Ormskirk, a dry rot specialist who is expert in damp proofing, tanking systems, cavity wall ties, and wood timbers treatment can be one of the professionals employed at Apex Damp and Wall Ties. Being aware that most of the properties in UK encounter problems related to damp, the company offers its services to domestic, commercial and industrial clients in order to provide them great solutions. Through their excellent borescope surveys and complete survey reports, clients could successfully combat any sign of rising damp or group of insects that would break through the walls or wood. For almost 20 years now, the reputable damp proofing company has proven its expertise to its clients throughout the region.

An insured dry rot specialist in Ormskirk like Apex guarantees peace of mind. They have diligent workers that demonstrate quality workmanship and reliable and friendly service at a competitive price. Apex has significant expertise on various methods of damp proofing and use proven techniques in restoring  damaged plaster work to its original condition. The specialists at Apex can also rectify damp penetration at high ground levels through fixed membrane tanking systems and can detect corrosion in walls through their high capacity borescope equipment. Never leave a dry rot problem, take immediate action and protect your home with the services of a dry rot specialist, contact Apex Damp and Wall Ties.