Professional Damp Proof Tanking in Formby

Damp Proof Tanking in FormbyDamp proof tanking in Formby is all about tanking damp walls to get rid of unhealthy and nasty looking mould and moisture problems. With wet walls, your health is jeopardised. Making use of air gap membranes, a barrier is provided between damp surfaces and inner wall surfaces. Damp walls are cold, and condensation builds up and mould growth are one of the results. Paint and plaster also peel off. Damp proof tanking experts apply a liquid coating that bonds to damp masonry and then cures, creating a waterproof barrier. Apex Damp & Wall Ties Ltd offer expertise in damp proofing. They know that with some properties, high ground levels can create damp penetration. This results in high moisture levels inside the property.

In Formby, damp proof tanking experts solve all damp problems with the appropriate treatment. Their fixed membrane tanking system is in demand as all it requires is a membrane which is fitted directly onto existing surfaces. Homeowners and commercial properties love the fact that there is little disruption with this effective damp treatment and the fact that it is highly durable. The professional team atApex are leading basement waterproofing experts who provide their customers with proven waterproof membrane systems for basements. Damp proof tanking is particularly effective in basements where a mixture of waterproof coatings is applied to the wall. Damp proof tanking can also be used with damp proof coursing and this gives superior levels of waterproof protection.

With damp proof tanking in Formby, the expert team deal with damp in the walls which can lead to unhealthy living conditions and lead to structural damage such as cracks in the walls. Don’t leave it, as it is one problem that never goes away, and in fact it spreads to other areas too. If you have noticed damp patches on the walls, don’t wait around. Apex have been around for decades and as ‘damp experts’ they have witnessed what damp can do, and it isn’t pretty. For effective damp proof tanking, contact Apex Damp & Wall Ties Ltd.