Looking for a Reliable Damp Proofer in Bootle?

Reliable Damp Proofer in BootleHomeowners often face issues with damp, which is why it is imperative to hire a reliable damp proofer in Bootle. Damp, whether it is rising, penetrating or through condensation can cause significant structural damage to the home. Over time, it can lead to wood rot, mould, and insect infestation. How do you know if you are facing damp penetration? One sure indication is when you see cracks on walls. The presence of mould, mildew, wood rot and beetles are another indication. Unfortunately, most people do not pay any attention to damp until they are faced with direct evidence. Left untreated, damp can lead to significant health issues. If you do face damp related issues, where can you find a damp proofer that is both reliable and experienced?

Apex Damp & Wall Ties is an expert Bootle damp proofer. With more than two decades of experience combating damp, they are equipped with a whole arsenal of solutions to deal with this problem. Even if damp has caused significant damage to your home or property, do not be discouraged because Apex Damp & Wall Ties will be able to find an effective solution. Their treatment solutions are capable of restoring walls back to their original condition. Some of these treatments include applying a damp proof course or applying a chemical injection. They even safely discard the contaminated plasterwork. As evidence of their stellar workmanship, Apex Damp & Wall Ties offers a 25 and 30 year service insurance guarantee. They are renowned for the quality of their work and also for their reliable and friendly service.

If you are facing damp related issues in your home or office, contact the expert damp proofer in Bootle, Apex Wall & Damp Ties. They also specialize in tanking systems, cavity wall ties, wood timber treatment and basement or cellar conversions. You may contact the company directly or you can also send your queries online by completing the enquiry form located on their website.