Sourcing A Damp Proofing Service In St Helens


Sourcing- A- Damp- Proofing- Service- In -St Helens

Sourcing A Damp Proofing Service In St Helens is really very straightforward as you will no doubt come across Apex Damp & Wall Ties Ltd; leading the way as specialists in all aspects of damp proofing for the domestic, commercial and industrial markets throughout the North West region. One of the most frequent encountered problems in household in the uk- its estimated that over 80% properties have the problem-Apex are adept at getting to the cause of the problem in a prompt and professional manner.

From St Helens, the team at Apex receive many calls into their premises for a damp proofing service, which they are always happy to address immediately. Drawing upon their 20 years’ experience, Apex deliver on their promises; providing a first-rate service that deals with rising damp, dry rot, wet rot and wood-boring insects. An approved P.A.M ties contractor, they have all the necessary credentials

Whatever your predicament, Apex’s team of experienced damp proofer specialists offer a damp proofing service that will find a solution to your problem. They will install a damp proof course, using a ‘chemical injection method’ that is ideal for brickwork. Once installed, all contaminated plaster mist be removed. Apex can restore the original plaster to a satisfactory condition once the damp proofing has been installed.