Specialists in the Treatment of Timber in St. Helens

timberApex Damp & Wall Ties is the expert choice when it comes to wall-tie replacement, damp proofing, and treatment of timber in St. Helens. For more than twenty years, they have applied their expertise in providing solutions and combating dry rot, wood-boring insects, crack repairs, cavity wall-ties, tanking, and damp proofing. Their services are sought by members in the commercial, industrial, and domestic sectors. Apex Damp & Wall Ties is also able to offer full-service reports, and borescope surveys. After a wall treatment has been applied, walls are often restored to their original condition. For customer satisfaction and peace of mind, Apex Damp & Wall Ties Ltd. offers 30 and 25 year insurance-backed guarantees.

Recently, the company received an enquiry from a woman in St.Helens about timber treatment. She had recently found tunnel leads and damaged wood in her home. After speaking to a staff member at Apex Damp & Wall Ties, a team was dispatched to the client’s home to assess the situation. It was discovered that the client did indeed have a termite infestation. Being specialists in eliminating wet rot, dry rot, furniture beetles, and termites, the team applied insecticides to eliminate existing termite populations and inhibit future termite infestations. The customer was pleased to know that further damage to her wooden structural walls had been prevented.

Apex Damp & Wall Ties are experts when it comes to dealing with termite infestation of timber in St.Helens. Their service repertoire includes damp proofing, tanking systems, cavity wall-ties, wood-timber treatment, and cellar/basement conversions. Apex is a P.A.M. Approved Contractor, which means that customers will only receive high quality service from industry professionals. The company offers their wide range of services to clients all over Wales, the North West, and surrounding areas. For more information about their surveys, free estimates, reports, and related costs, please contact them at 0800-634-9899 or 07808-864946.