Top Dry Rot Specialist in Woolton

Dry Rot Specialist in WooltonWorking with the best dry rot specialist in Woolton ensures that your home is structurally sound and safe for everyone living there. With more than 20 years experience, you can be confident that the job will be done right the first time and that everyone working in your home will go the extra mile to make you happy. If you have property in the industrial or commercial sectors, you can also take advantage of the experience and expertise offered by this company. All work is fully backed by 25 and 30 year insurance, so you have peace of mind that every bit of work is fully guaranteed to be the best.

InWoolton, a top dry rot specialist such as Apex Damp & Wall Ties means that you are guaranteed reliable service and quality workmanship. You can get a variety of work done, such as damp proofing, cavity wall-ties, crack repairs, tanking and timber treatment, lateral restraints and basement and cellar conversations. You can also take advantage of full service reports and borescope surveys. Every minute of work is done using tried and true materials, tools and techniques, ensuring that every job is completed with painstaking accuracy and the highest level of quality.

Apex Damp & Wall Ties lives up to being one of the best and most professional dry rot specialists in Woolton. Start the process with a free estimate that will give you a solid idea of what you need done to get your house in stellar condition. The friendly and professional employees will walk you through the estimate so that you can see exactly what needs to be done and why. You will never have any surprises because the experienced professionals are honest and reputable. Once you have your estimate, you will find it easy to get an appointment to get the work started so that you can quickly have your home problems solved before further issues are able to occur. For a dry rot specialist, contact Apex Damp & Wall Ties.