Do You Treat Problems with Woodworm in Liverpool?

woodboringApex does offer service for commercial, industrial and residential properties for infestation of woodworm in Liverpool, Wales, North West and the surrounding areas where we provide services not only for woodworm infestation but also services such as damp proofing and basement conversions. You should also know that we provide free estimates and our highly regarded reputation comes from 20 years of high quality service for an affordable price. Having a woodworm problem can be emotional for many people because these wood boring insects can leave devastating damage in their wake.

Woodworms are beetles that consume dead wood. This can include your wall studs or even your highly priced antique dresser. This consumption can lead not only cosmetic destruction but also structural damage and this is why our highly trained technicians will evaluate your entire premise. We will make sure that the problem is completely eliminated, usually with the use of insecticide but we will also make sure that there is not underlying problems that lead to the infestation to begin with. Many times homes may be damp in Liverpool, woodworms tend to thrive in a damp environment and we can help you determine if any other preventive measures are needed.

Having wood boring beetles can really seem overwhelming but at Apex we can help you eliminate the problem completely. We will help you get your home or office restored to its original state and we always treat your area with complete respect. If you need help treating for woodworm, Liverpool is an area that we service, so call us and we will set you up to receive a free estimate with a highly trained professional that will answer all your questions and get your place back to you minus the woodworms. Contact Apex today!