Looking For a Wet Rot Specialist in Knowsley

Looking For a Wet Rot Specialist in KnowsleyWe recently took a call from a customer who was looking for a wet rot specialist in Knowsley. They had lived in their house for many years, and had noticed that many of their wooden substrates had fallen into a state of disrepair, from what seemed to be wet rot. They knew that it was important to take action as soon as possible in cases such as these, which is why they got in touch with Apex Damp & Wall Ties. We have over 20 years’ experience in providing effective and cost effective solutions to common household problems such as wet rot, dry rot, and rising damp.

As a Knowsley wet rot specialist, looking for the tell-tale signs of damp and rot problems has become second nature. The property will often feel cold and damp, even when the heating is switched on, or when dehumidifiers are in use. There may also be an unpleasant fusty smell which proves very difficult to remove. One of the most obvious signs is the weakening of the timber itself. What was once strong and durable is now damp and spongy to the touch, and will be easy to break away or crumble. This can cause structural problems, as well as creating poor living conditions, so it’s important that action is taken to eradicate the cause of the problem.

We find that a large number of people are looking for a wet rot specialist in Knowsley. This is partly because much of the region’s housing stock is aging, but also because of the extreme weather conditions that we’ve experienced in recent years. Apex Damp & Wall Ties Ltd offer a wet rot eradication and treatment by skilled specialists with years of experience. It’s not worth taking a risk on your property or your health, so call our friendly team for a fast and efficient solution. We provide a bespoke service, a wet rot eradication programme that’s tailored to your needs.