Woodworm Specialist in Liverpool

Woodworm Specialist in LiverpoolWhen you hire a woodworm specialist in Liverpool, having a grasp on the problem and its solution can give you a better idea on how to pick someone for the job. At times, the best way to hire a professional is to know the cause and solution for the problem, even if you are not trained or equipped to carry out the task yourself. This ensures that you will be able to identify a high quality professional when they come to you with their proposal. The first thing you need to know is that woodworms are basically, the larvae of a wood boring beetle. These beetles bore through the wood and lay their eggs. Once the larvae hatch, they eat their way through the wood, until they reach maturity. That eating-through-wood is the bit that can cause untold damage to your wooden building.

In Liverpool, woodworm specialists will need to be called in if you notice signs of infestation. Here, the first thing you need to know is that woodworm infestations are not a problem limited to old buildings –new ones can also be affected by woodworm infestations. You are able to identify a woodworm infestation by looking for small round holes in the woodwork, approximately the size one would expect on a dart board. Wood tends to get crumbly in and around these holes and there is a fine-powdery dust noticeable in and around them. Should you notice any adult beetles scurrying around you know that you have an infestation that you need to take care of.

By calling in a woodworm specialist in Liverpool, you can easily remedy this irritating yet potentially damaging infestation. Woodworms typically infest wood within a building (or any timber) which is prone to damp. The issue could be lack of ventilation in a roof space, cellar or other enclosed space in an otherwise dry building. Prevention is better than a cure so bring in specialists, like Apex Damp & Wall Ties to ensure that any potential woodworm infestations are treated professionally and thoroughly.