Woodworm Specialist in Prescot

Woodworm Specialist in PrescotA woodworm specialist in Prescot can make your life easier by investigating and advising you on what to do if you think your home has woodworms. Woodworms are menaces – you are not aware of an infestation until they have caused damage to your wooden fixtures. Woodworms are in fact not worms at all, but are the larvae stage of a number of different types of common household beetles. These include the furniture beetle and the post beetle. They lay eggs that turn into the worms inside pieces of wood.

For homes in Prescot, a woodworm specialist will be able to identify potential places for the woodworm egg-laying process. Apex Wall & Ties Ltd is a company who has experts in sourcing the woodworm infestation and can eradicate the problem. Adult beetles will lay their eggs in wooden structures, in floorboards and in timber. When the eggs hatch, the larvae burrow through the timber, making it highly unlikely that they will be seen. The larvae are hungry and the wood in your house where they hatch is their food source. They will continue to eat their way through the wood until they mature and pupate and will emerge as adult beetles. By this time untold damage has been done to the wood in your home.

Deciding to use the services of a woodworm specialist in Preston should be done as soon as you suspect you might have a woodworm infestation. Don’t leave it unattended – as soon as you have a suspicion contact a company like Apex Damp & Wall Tie Ltd to remove the problem. They will assess the situation and determine what the best method of removing the infestation is. The woodworm specialist will decide on a removal method such as fumigation, a water based treatment or a fogging treatment to use. Fumigation is a gas treatment which effectively eliminates all life stages of the beetle and its larvae. Contact Apex Damp Wall & Tie today if you suspect a woodworm infestation in your home.