Dry Rot Treatment in Litherland

Dry Rot Treatment in LitherlandDry rot treatment in Litherland can save you from despair.Dry rot is something most homeowners dread as it can destroy all the beautiful wood within your home. It is wood decay caused by fungi, and this wood destroying fungus feeds off moisture. People who aren’t familiar with dry rot will not be pleased to hear that dry rot is hard to remove and that it will require professional treatment. Apex Damp & Wall Ties are experts with dry rot and they know exactly how to  treat dry rot. Part of the treatment for eradicating dry rot is to reduce timber moisture levels and increase ventilation to promote drying. Once this has been attended to, the dry rot is treated with a fungicidal paste applied to the infected areas.

The first thing that Apex does is to make the necessary repairs to your home’s defects such as missing slates on the roof or blocked gutters. In Litherland, dry rot treatment means getting to the root of the problem. It is no good fixing dry rot when the very cause isn’t addressed.  They will assist in making your home absolutely damp free before they attend to the dry rot problem. They can do this by increasing the ventilation of the area by introducing additional air bricks. They will also identify any timber that requires replacement as a result of damage from the dry rot.

Dry rot treatment in Litherland is essential to maintain the structural integrity of your home.  Apex has more than 20 years of experience in dealing with dry and wet rot, combating rising damp and tackling wood boring insects. It’s not only homeowners that make use of their services, but businesses too. Contact Apex Damp & Wall Ties if you need dry rot treatment in your home. Make the call as soon as possible if you believe the wood in your home is threatened by damp, moist conditions.