Looking for Cavity Wall Tie Replacement in Gateacre?

Deep cracks inside an old building wallAre you interested in reliable cavity wall tie replacement in Gateacre? Old homes that were built with cavities between internal and external walls often experience wall tie corrosion. I noticed that the walls in my house were beginning to bulge. Where would I find a firm that guaranteed excellence in tandem with cost-effectiveness? Old building methods were different and the wall ties used were often not of the best quality. Over the years, damp and moisture may have seeped in and caused the wall ties to corrode. Modern wall ties are manufactured with strict emphasis on quality. Top firms that offer wall tie replacement services make it a point to use cutting edge tools and top-notch materials.

For old homes in Gateacre cavity wall tie replacement is something that will happen eventually. It’s just one of those unavoidable facts of life. Owners should insist on contacting reputed firms in the area when it happens. Apex Damp and Wall Ties bring their 20 years of intensive experience to the field of cavity wall tie replacement. When it comes to your home, you only want the best professionals to manage problems. Many old homes also were also constructed with inbuilt wall ties that were made of black ash mortar. This is because black ash mortar is extremely prone to corrosion. Incorrectly installed or low density wall ties (too few wall ties) may also necessitate wall tie replacement. Sometimes, if site control had not been not correctly implemented, the wall ties may no longer be doing their job efficiently.

The good news is that reliable cavity wall tie replacement in Gateacre is offered by top-notch firms including Apex Damp and Wall Ties. If you suspect that your walls may be developing cracks or bulging, waste no time calling in the assistance of experienced professionals. Apex Damp and Wall Ties is more than happy to send in an expert to examine your walls and make appropriate recommendations regarding required wall tie lengths, types and sizes. Wall tie replacement help provide lasting strength and structural support to the wall. Contact Apex Damp and Wall Ties for more information.