How is Damp Dealt with by a Damp Proofer in Widnes?

Damp Proofer in WidnesHiring a damp proofer in Widnes to damp proof your home is an essential requirement for your property. Damp can infiltrate into the foundation of your home and cause it to disintegrate over time. Apart from weakening the foundation, the presence of damp can lead to mould growth and mite infestation. Both of which can contribute to various illnesses. Fortunately, homeowners can deal with damp before it causes significant damage. One of the best ways is by hiring a competent damp proofer.

Apex Damp & Wall Ties has a reputation for being an experienced and reliable Widnes damp proofer. These experts recommend that all homeowners should safe-guard their homes from damp. There are several treatments that a proofer might use. The proofer may install a damp proof course or DPC into the wall and above ground level. This will prevent damp from penetrating the home’s foundation. A vertical DPC may be installed to block water from streaming around the damp proof course. This technique is best used when the house is being constructed, as it is quite difficult to insert the DPC when the house has already been constructed. For homes that are already standing, a damp proofer may use a chemical damp proof. This technique is less invasive than DPC. The chemical is directly inserted into the base and wall mortar and works as a repellant, preventing the moisture from rising. The damp proofer may also insert damp-proof tubes into drilled holes inside the walls. Electro-osmotic DPC can also be used. It relies on electrical charges to offset rising damp and propel the moisture back into the earth. By enlisting the services of a damp proofer, you are safeguarding your home and family members from the damaging effects of damp.

If you are wondering where you can find a reliable and professional damp proofer in Widnes, then contact Apex Damp & Wall Ties today. They have more than two decades of experience combating damp, which makes them leading experts in the business.