Damp Walls Maghull? Get Help!

damp proofWe recently received an enquiry from a customer newly arrived from a dry sub-Saharan country about damp walls in Maghull. The customer was very concerned and completely out of her depth with this challenge. Her bubbling plasterwork made her fear for the safety of her home. She had called the right company: Apex Damp and Wall Ties Ltd know all about rising damp, and what to do about it.

In Maghull, damp walls are common. The customer had come to learn that due to its position near the north-west coast of England, Maghull has a temperate maritime climate. Even with the average number of sunshine hours being higher than the UK mean, it is still pretty damp. In fact, approximately 80% of properties in the UK have problems due to damp. Rising damp is a common problem when masonry walls in buildings absorb damp from the ground up. Apex was quick to establish that the old but quaint house the customer was staying in needed a damp proof course installed to prevent further capillary action. Once the messy yet necessary job of fixing the walls was done, the skilled artisans at Apex restored the plasterwork to its original, pristine condition. Initially the customer was afraid that the rising damp would come back, but with insurance-backed guarantees given by Apex, she knew she did not have to worry.

Servicing properties throughout the North West , Wales and surrounding areas, Apex Damp and Wall Ties Ltd will fix damp walls in Maghull. Please contact Apex for your free estimate on 07808 864946 or visit our website for more information.