Looking For Dry Rot Treatment in Melling

Looking For Dry Rot Treatment in MellingAre you looking for dry rot treatment in Melling? You can make use of the services of a local damp proofing specialist, Apex Damp and Wall Tiles. We are consultants, surveyors and specialists in the diagnosis and investigation for rising damp, woodworm and wood boring beetle, dry rot or wet rot and condensation. We provide surveys, reports and quotations along with information and honest practical advice, together with environmentally-friendly, chemical-free solutions for controlling dampness and timber decay. We avoid unnecessary, costly and disruptive chemical damp-proof course injection and timber treatments that are often used in this treatment.

In Melling, looking for dry rot treatment can bring quick relief. Our specialists can deal with a variety of property care issues arising from dampness in walls and floors. Use our surveyor to carry out a survey of your home and to provide advice on dealing with rising damp, penetrating damp, dry rot, wet rot, condensation problems and mould. Whether you need basement waterproofing services or condensation control, our experts will assist you in solving damp issues, provide timber treatments and improve ventilation to reduce moisture. We have vast experience in dealing with all type of damp and timber problems.

While looking for dry rot treatment in Melling, you will find that Apex Damp and Wall Tiles can identify structural issues that could result in damage to your building from damp or timber decay. Rising damp in your home is an issue that should be looked into as soon as possible; delaying this will result in further structural damage which in turn could prove costly to repair. Apex Damp and Wall Ties will provide a free estimate of the work required to resolve any damp issues you may be experiencing in your home. Contact Apex Damp and Wall Ties should you be looking for dry rot treatment.