Needing Cavity Wall Tie Replacement In Waterloo?

Cavity Wall Tie Replacement In WaterlooWhen a homeowner notices bulging brickwork or horizontal cracks in the house’s foundations, they realize it is time for a cavity wall tie replacement in Waterloo. Cavity wall ties are bars or metal strips which are built-in as part of a building’s construction. Wall ties are supposed to hold the house’s masonry together, therefore they are vital to the stability and safety of wall. Wall ties are galvanized because they are usually made from steel and or iron, which can be affected by corrosion. With the passage of time however, the galvanization can break down, leading to corrosion of these wall ties. So what is a home owner supposed to do if they notice cracks or bulging brickwork?

In Waterloo, cavity wall tie replacement is always best when it is done by the leaders in the industry. Apex Damp and Wall Ties is that leader. They recommend that if homeowners notice cracks on the brickwork of their walls, they should arrange a wall-tie survey immediately. Qualified staff from Apex Damp And Wall Ties will visit your home and conduct a thorough survey for any remedial work that may be required. This includes inspecting the areas where the cracks were observed, inspecting other wall ties, and suggesting remedial measures along with a cost estimate. In most cases, the treatment includes drilling holes into the affected areas and accessing the corroded wall ties. This is followed by installing new wall ties which withstand corrosion for some time, and also isolating other tiles for prevention from future damage. These new wall ties which are galvanized, will last for up to 70 years, so homeowners do not have to face this problem for some time.

If you think that your home requires cavity wall tie replacement in Waterloo, get hold of Apex Damp and Wall Tie. Apart from replacing worn out cavity wall ties, they also provide damp proofing, tanking systems, cellar/basement conversions, and timber wood treatments. For more information about cavity wall ties or any other services, contact Apex Damp and Wall Ties today. Their friendly operators are waiting for your call. Don’t wait until it might be too late.