Solve Rising Damp In Maghull

april 1In search of companies to treat or damp-proof your house against rising damp in Maghull? You should definitely have a look at Apex Damp and Wall Ties. They are the specialists who will help you with this annoying and costly problem. Rising damp, if not tackled early, can become a major problem.

There is a 20-year old company located in Maghull that treats rising damp, a problem that affects about 80% of the houses in the UK. Apex Damp and Wall Ties has a friendly team who will help you with your rising damp problem. Unless your walls have an evaporation outlet moisture will cause much harm, encouraging mould and fungal growth. To know whether your house is affected by this problem, you will notice salt deposits, damp walls, or rotted wood. You will also notice discoloured and wet stonework or brick walls outside. The Apex Damp and Wall Ties company has dealt with this problem numerous times by either injecting water-repellent chemicals which are into the brick walls, redoing the plaster work, or by fitting damp proof membranes to the wall. Prior to damp-proofing, they will conduct a thorough survey to know the extent of the problem. With a problem like damp, there is no use in having half a solution!

Apex Damp and Wall Ties is a long established and experienced company that deals with this problem in the UK. They have treated rising damp numerous times and damp proofed many buildings. Should you have any additional queries regarding our services related to rising damp in Maghull, please email us or you may call us directly on the 0800 634 9899. Find out more on our website.