Successful Cavity Wall Ties Replacement in Liverpool

Cavity Wall Ties Replacement in LiverpoolAre you concerned about the structural safety of your building and you’re looking for a firm that can provide cavity wall ties replacement in Liverpool? Buildings, whether domestic, industrial or commercial, can suffer various kinds of damage from age, dry or wet rot, damp, rising damp and insects. It is crucial to be aware of some basics about architecture so that you can understand the problem. A cavity wall is a double wall, separated by an air space, which provides excellent insulation and also prevents damp and seepage into the main building. The inner wall is non- load bearing. The two walls are joined together by metal ties spanning the distance between the walls. They are cemented into the walls during construction. They also help to drain off water that may rise up from the outer wall. Some cavities may be filled partially with insulation. In time, being metal, the wall ties corrode, swell and cause damage to the walls. The wall may bulge or crack and collapse resulting in safety hazards. It can also affect the value of the property.

In Liverpool, cavity wall ties replacement is carried out by experienced building contractors like Apex Damp and Wall Ties Ltd. Being specialists in the field, such firms usually conduct a wall tie survey, using a metal detector to identify the location of the wall ties. Small holes are drilled at each location and a boroscope is used to view the ties. They may be photographed or visually assessed for damage and a final report is submitted.

Based on the report, the building owner can contract the firm for cavity wall ties replacement in Liverpool.  In earlier days, mild steel coated with zinc or anti-corrosion paint was used to manufacture wall ties and it is not very durable or strong. Today, stainless steel is used. Spacing, tie-length and depth of embedment are crucial factors for successful wall tie installation. Type of construction, amount of timber, exposure to damp, snow, heat and wind is also taken into account. For a comprehensive quote for cavity wall ties replacement, contact Apex Damp and Wall Ties Ltd.