The Best Cavity Wall Tie Replacement In Lydiate

Cavity Wall Tie Replacement In LydiateCracks in your walls? Best get them sorted out!
It’s time for cavity wall tie replacement in Lydiate. A client recently contacted us in a bit of a state. They were shocked to notice small cracks in their walls and opted for professional assistance to have the problem fixed. They called in the expert services of a top local company that specialised in cavity wall tie replacement. As professionals would tell you, cracks appear because the wall tie has expanded and it is now exerting pressure on the bricks surrounding it. You might want to be aware that expanding wall ties can reduce the insulation and strength of walls and the problem may rapidly grow more serious if left untreated. Faulty wall ties need to be replaced and this can only be done by trained and certified professionals. This is not the sort of job left to a Sunday handyman who wants to impress the wife or girlfriend.

In Lydiate cavity wall tie replacement services are offered by popular and incredibly professional companies like Apex Damp and Wall Ties. The trained professionals will visit a clients home (free of charge) with high tech equipment which they use to examine areas inside the walls. Once they have examined the cracks and made their professional diagnosis, which they have doing successfully for many years, they will offer the client an affordable quote. Cavity wall ties are critical components that lend stability to the walls. Professionals gauge the length, width and spacing of the wall ties and then insert new wall ties.

Why consider cavity wall tie replacement in Lydiate? There are a number of reasons that this question is asked. One reason is that the slowly emerging cracks will start to give a polka dot effect. Cracks can make a wall appear unsightly. Incorrectly replace cavity wall ties can threaten the wall structure so to be on the safe side, so it’s best to hire the services of a seasoned firm like Apex Damp and Wall Ties. Why not browse through our website or call us today. Let us sort out your cracks. Call our freephone number now.