Cavity Wall Tie Replacement in Seaforth

Cavity Wall Tie Replacement in SeaforthCavity wall tie replacement in Seaforth is undertaken by the specialist company Apex Damp & Wall Ties.  Approximately 80% of homes in the United Kingdom are affected by damp.  This includes rising damp, dry-rot, wet-rot and wood boring insects.  Your home is your most expensive asset and, to preserve its value, you need to address these issues.  Your home is where you spend most of your time.  It is your haven and sanctuary and needs to be clean, dry, and safe.

In Seaforth, cavity wall tie replacement is one of the services provided efficiently by Apex Damp & Wall Ties.  These ties, in general, last about 70 years, at which time oxidisation occurs and they begin to lose strength.  Apex Damp & Wall Ties has high-tech equipment with which they can inspect your walls to establish if replacement is required.  Another common problem, addressed expertly by this company, is resolving and fixing damp proofing.  One of the most common problems occurring in buildings is rising damp.   The water on the ground begins to rise up the masonry, a process called “capillary action” and the wall is weakened.  Several solutions are available to address this and, most commonly, chemical injection into the brickwork is done, after which the contaminated plaster is replaced.  Another common problem experienced in homes is damage to wood caused by wood worms, furniture insects, beetles and other insects, and this can result in structural issues.  Apex Damp & Wall Ties is able to address this and restore the structural integrity of your home.

Cavity wall tie replacement in Seaforth should be done by a reputable company.  Apex Damp & Wall Ties has built an excellent reputation through the quality of work they perform.  They are renowned for their friendly and efficient service and, because their work carries an insurance guarantee of 25 and 30 years, you can be confident that your work will be done to the highest standard.  Apex Damp & Wall Ties will provide you with a free estimate for the work you require and, with their competitive pricing and professional service, they are the obvious choice. Contact Apex Damp & Wall Ties for cavity wall tie replacement.