A Dry Rot Specialist in Litherland

A Dry Rot Specialist in LitherlandIf you need a dry rot specialist in Litherland, you could have either a minor or a major crisis on your hands. You need expert attention as soon as possible because once dry rot has set in if the correct procedures are not followed then you could end up with a worse condition than when you started. Dry rot normally occurs in damp, badly ventilated areas. These places are often not easily accessed. The affected areas have to be removed completely, preventing re-growth of the fungus and aired to allow fresh air to ventilate freely. The source of the damp must be resolved as continuous wetting will only return the situation back to its previous state.

In Litherland, a dry rot specialist that has a broad knowledge of construction and the remedying and prevention of dry rot is Apex Damp & Wall Ties. Their experience goes beyond simple repairs. Having been in business for over 2 decades and undertaking projects from domestic through to industrial, there is virtually no related situation to yours they haven’t had to face. They are quite capable of diagnosing the problem, isolating and then repairing the damage. The affected area will be removed along with any traces of fungus. The remaining area will then be ventilated and dried before any repairs are attempted. After removal they will be in a good position to recommend further action, if needed, to prevent any further incidents from occurring again. The replaced and repaired parts will be treated as part of the solution to inhibit further outbreaks of dry rot.

A dry rot specialist in Litherland is just a phone call away at Apex Damp & Wall-Ties. They will see to your needs promptly and professionally. They are fully insured giving you long term peace of mind that a job completed by them will give you years of good value. Add to this their reputation for excellence in craftsmanship and the good manner in which they conduct their business and you end up with a complete delivery of services to meet all your demands. For the services of a dry rot specialist, contact Apex Damp & Wall Ties.