Cavity Wall Tie Replacement In Old Swan

Cavity Wall Tie Replacement in Old SwanIf you are wondering about the cavity wall tie replacement process in your Old Swan home, here’s everything you’ll ever need to know about the process. As you probably know, ties are (usually) galvanised steel “leafs” that are used to tie the inner and outer walls of your home, across the cavity that sits between them. They fit snugly into concrete bricks that are make up your walls, keeping the insulation in position as well as maintaining the structural integrity of the wall. However, if the ties are of poor quality or not made of galvanised steel, they may get corroded over time and snap, which results in cracking on your inner and outer walls.

For your Old Swan home, the cavity tie replacement process begins with a survey of the affected wall. The professional called in should isolate the problem area and identify exactly where the problem lies. Once the problem area has been isolated, they are in a position to give you an estimate on how much it would cost to get the ties replaced. Depending on the type of masonry on your walls as well as the insulation and cavity on the inside, the type of tie used may vary. These replacement ties are different from the ones used during the construction of your home simply because at that time, you had the liberty of placing those ties on top of bricks or between them, something you cannot do anymore as the entire wall is already in place.

Cavity wall tie replacement, in Old Swan homes, therefore requires the professional to drill in from the outside of the home and remove the original tie before replacing it with a new one. Once the new tie is in place, the remaining drilled part of the hole is filled up and the wall is finished off. The job of the professional doesn’t end there as they need to make sure that the tie has been secured properly so they may conduct a torque test, if required, along with a visual test. The tie replacement process requires speciality equipment and knowledge, which is why you need to call Apex Damp and Wall Ties. With the experience and expertise they bring to the table, you are guaranteed a fantastic job every single time!