How to Deal with Condensation in St. Helens

How to Deal with Condensation in St. HelensWe know there’ll always be problems of condensation in St. Helens, that’s why our experts are always standing by to help. Just like the bathroom, the kitchen is another part of your house regarded as a “wet room”. The extent of wetness in the kitchen, which is the major cause of condensation; will depend on many things including the design of the kitchen and how the kitchen is normally used. Condensation occurs when steam/vapour/gas turns to water/liquid. In the kitchen, the steam will form clouds on the windows or surfaces. When the steam cools off, it will turn into water which may cause mould on the windows, kitchen cupboards and tiled floors. Condensation can also occur during dew formation.

In St. Helens kitchen condensation can be controlled by ensuring pots are covered during cooking and pans and kettles are not left boiling for long periods. The vapour that comes from cooking and boiling kettles will condense on the windows and other surfaces in the kitchen. If possible, you should always keep kitchen doors leading to other rooms closed. Remember it is not always easy to know when there’s condensation in your kitchen. Most people identify condensation by the appearance of mould on the windows, cupboard edges and wall surfaces. But even if there’re no dark colours appearing on your surface, there could still be condensation in the house.

Apex Damp & Tie Specialists will solve any problem related to condensation in St. Helens. Even if you are not sure whether there’s condensation in your kitchen, you can call us for an inspection. Many people are not aware that the cause of condensation is not limited to vapour on the surfaces. If the insulation in your kitchen was not done correctly you will experience condensation constantly. Condensation will cause dampness and eventually mould. Bad odour may erupt due to the presence of mould in the kitchen.  When we inspect your house, we also look at your building structure to see if it is not contributing to your problem in the kitchen. Call us today and reduce future expenses.