Condensation in Lydiate

Condensation in LydiateApex Damp Proofing is the company to call when you have issues with condensation in Tyldesley. However, it is a good idea to call them before there are issues. A consultation with the experts at Ascot Damp Proofing will provide you with information to prevent damage from condensation from occurring. An example would be what sometimes happens to walls and ceilings in bathrooms, especially outside walls. You might not notice anything for a time then wall tiles start to fall off the shower area. When you attempt to replace them, you find a soft wall that will no longer hold the tile and grout. Black lines of mould may form along the wall where it joins the ceiling.

In Lydiate, condensation damage can occur over time from many causes, like leaky windows or roofs or fractures in the home’s foundation allowing seepage. Sometimes we cause the damage ourselves. The way we love our long hot showers today was not a factor in the construction of older homes.  After one of those steamy showers, condensation may be clearly seen covering the walls and ceiling of the shower area. The dampness will cling to the walls and windowsills throughout the room. Multiply that by four family members over ten years. Who knows how many years for the previous residents?

Condensation in Lydiate causes damage that is far more expensive to repair than it would have been to prevent. Replacing walls and ceilings with moisture barrier and insulation between the outside wall and the inside wall is a major construction. Then painting and tiling of the room is required.  You can imagine the inconvenience. The best way to avoid damage from condensation is to have an inspection of your home by Apex Damp Proofing. They are a respected company, experienced in all aspects of damp proofing prevention and repair. A little preventive work can save a lot of money and grief down the road. Their friendly staff is pleased to advise the public concerning the prevention of condensation before damage can result. If you are planning the purchase of a home, you may want to include a condensation inspection performed by Apex Damp Proofing in the contract.