Condensation in Rainhill

condensation in RainhillDo you have condensation in Rainhill? Are there damp patches on your walls or ceilings? Condensation occurs as a result of humid, hot air coming into contact with a cold surface, forming droplets of water. This commonly occurs in the kitchen after using the cooker or in the bathroom after a steaming shower. Too much condensation causes your walls to become damp. Damp also occurs when moisture from the ground under the foundations of your home rises up through the walls.

In Rainhill, condensation occurs in many homes. In the UK, approximately 80% of homes struggle with the problems of condensation and damp. Condensation specialists, such as Apex Damp & Wall Ties Ltd, can offer advice on combating rising damp and condensation problems in your home. A condensation specialist can visit your home to assess the level of condensation and its causes and suggest treatments for removal and solutions to prevent further problems. Apex Damp & Wall Ties Ltd specialists have over 20 years of experience in assisting with condensation and damp problems in the home. They offer 25 year and 30 year insurance-backed guarantees to ensure the quality of their work.

To combat condensation in Rainhill, specialists provide a variety of options. One of the most successful treatments for damp patches and condensation is insulation. Insulating your walls and/or ceilings helps keep your home warmer, thereby reducing the number of cold surfaces where condensation is likely to occur. Installing thermostatically controlled heating might also be recommended. Using thermostatically controlled heating in your home has similar effects to insulation: keeping your home warm and condensation at bay.
You may also be advised to install extractor fans in your kitchen and bathroom. This will remove moist air from within your home and transfer it outside, reducing the occurrence of condensation in those areas. Should you have lots of condensation around your windows, heavy curtains or drapes will provide a layer of protection around your windows by providing a layer of protection between the moist air and cold window. For a solution, call Apex Damp & Wall Ties today.