Damp Proof Membrane in St. Helens

april 3Apex Damp and Wall Ties offers services like installing a damp proof membrane. St. Helens is just one of the service areas that we offer this service Did you know that, because you live in the UK, you are 80% likely to have damp situations occur in or around your property? This makes knowing that we offer a free estimates as well as 25 and 30 year guarantees backed by insurance on all the work we perform, along with our stellar reputation, a great plus when hiring our company to complete your project.

If you are living on a property in St. Helens, a damp proof membrane may be just what you need to solve your damp problem. When the outside level of the property is high it can create a perfect scenario for penetration of damp. When this happens, the inside of the building may begin to show signs of penetrating damp. What we do in case like this is to add a tanking system that has a fixed membrane. With the method that we use, the upheaval to your property will be very minimal. We take the surfaces that already exist and directly fit the membrane to them. This membrane will last a very long time and it is very durable.

So if you need our services to add a damp proof membrane in St. Helens you should call Apex Damp & Wall Ties and let us give you a quote. We offer highly competitive rates and our workers are professional and highly trained. We always treat your home with respect. Most likely because you live in the UK it will not be a matter of if you need service for damp, but rather when you will need service for a problem with damp. We take pride in fixing and restoring your building that has suffered from any type of damp damage. Find out more on our website.