Customer Enquiry about Cavity Wall Insulation in Merseyside

april 4Recently a client walked into our office with an enquiry about Cavity Wall Insulation in Merseyside. He was building a new house and was looking for the best cavity wall insulation for his new home. He wanted to know all about the cavity wall insulation and how can we help him. We at Apex Damp and Wall Ties told him that cavity wall insulation is an insulation material that is used to reduce the loss of heat by filling the spaces between cavity walls. This material is often made of glass fiber wool or rock wool. It is the most economical way of preventing convection and keeping your house warm. Cavity wall insulation can be installed while building the new building or it can be later filled into cavity walls through drilled holes at proper places

Apex Damp and Wall Ties have more than 20 years in this business. We have professional staff and workmen who efficiently work to provide the best solutions for your old and new home in Merseyside. Cavity wall insulation, cavity wall ties, damp proofing and wood timber treatment are some of the services that we provide to our clients. Apex Damp and Wall Ties provides cost efficient services in Merseyside and neighbouring areas.

Apex Damp and Wall ties are the experts in cavity wall insulation in Merseyside. Our work is professional and all our products are backed by a guarantee of 25-30 years. This means that you just have to call Apex Damp and Wall Ties and forget about your cavity wall insulation problems. To get the best offer and a free no obligation quote, call Apex Damp and Wall ties at 07808 864946 or 0800 634 9899. You can also visit the office at 21 Willow Hey, Maghull, Liverpool, Merseyside, or find out more online.