Damp Proof Tanking in Crosby

Damp Proof Tanking in CrosbyAre you seeking professional services for damp proof tanking in Crosby? Every home or building needs to be well maintained to prevent damp problems that could cause deterioration of the property and its market value. However, not many homeowners are knowledgeable or skilled in combating damp issues correctly until it is too late. Poorly maintained properties that are subject to damp tend to invite all types of intruders such as wood boring insects and rodents to infest the space. Regular maintenance on damp proofing, lateral restraints, tanking treatment, crack repairs and basement conversions must be done to prevent larger, more costly repairs. Damp proof tanking can be used to protect the structure and interior of your home from damp.

In Crosby, damp proof tanking is crucial to ensure the protection of the structure and interior of your home from the damage caused by damp. Experts like Apex Damp & Wall Ties provide expertise in damp proof tanking. They offer high workmanship quality using premium products and technology. Damp proof tanking is usually used on walls that are not in direct contact with flowing water. Walls in basements are particularly suited to tanking. The process of applying tanking involves a damp proof specialist applying a mixture of waterproof coating to the wall. This coating will form a barrier which will prevent the damp spreading.

Damp proof tanking in Crosby is available from Apex Damp & Wall Ties. They have a team of home repair experts in damp proofing, wood rot, tanking and timber treatments as well as providing treatment for wet and dry rot. Damp proof tanking typically has two methods, one involving liquid bitumen which is applied to the areas requiring damp proof treatment. The other is the cement slurry method which is usually used for larger areas. Both are excellent treatments for damp problems. Contact Apex Damp & Wall Ties Ltd to find out more about damp proof tanking.