Damp Proofing in Great Altcar

damp proofing in Great AltcarDo you want to know more about services that offer damp proofing in Great Altcar? Situated in Lancashire, on the West Lancashire Coastal Plain, Great Altcar and the surrounding areas experience moist and damp conditions pretty much throughout the year. Residents and occupants of commercial buildings face perennial issues of damage to structures and goods due to damp and such conditions are also a health hazard, especially for seniors and young children. Moisture decay is a result of long term exposure to damp and it affects walls and foundations, leading to problems like structural damage, dry and wet rot, rising damp besides providing a breeding ground for fungi, microbes, insects and allergens. Residential and commercial building owners have to bear great expenses on damp proofing their properties through a variety of treatments and damp proofing solutions, especially if the structure is an older one. Modern structures have preventative damp courses installed in the foundation and base of the walls, with a special damp course providing additional safety.

In Great Altcar, damp proofing services are available from most building or construction firms, but it’s wiser to approach a local damp proofing specialist like Apex Damp and Wall Tiles, who have the experience and expertise in installing top-quality damp proofing that would provide a long term solution to your problems. Before installing the damp proofing, it would be useful to analyse the root cause of damp in your building. Common causes include condensation from heating systems, rising damp in low-lying areas, rain or snow penetration, pipe leakage, faulty construction and inadequate foundation barriers. If you have leaks, the damp is usually localised to one area. Cracks, faulty joints, badly fitted doors, windows, chimneys, flashing and tiles, damage to the wall or foundation, weak seals etc can also cause localised damp. Your damp proofing service provider can identify the cause after a thorough survey and recommend the type of treatment.

Damp proofing in Great Altcar should be undertaken only by experienced, qualified and professionally licensed service providers. Ensure that they are fully insured, use top-quality materials and will provide the required warranties. They should also cause minimum inconvenience and leave your premises clean and safe after the work has been completed. For more about damp proofing services, contact Apex Damp and Wall Tiles