Find a Dry Rot Specialist in Sefton

Find a Dry Rot Specialist in SeftonTo find a dry rot specialist in Sefton to help protect your most valuable asset, your home from damp can be a daunting experience. Don’t despair as Apex Damp & Wall Tieswill provide you with the finest damp proofing, cavity wall ties, crack repairs, timber and tank treatments, basement and cellar conversions and lateral restraints services. This well established reputable company has many years experience in the industry and is hard to beat when it comes to servicing the domestic, industrial and commercial sectors. They are experts when it comes to restoring spoilt walls back to their original condition and if necessary will also do follow up treatments. No matter if you have dry or wet rot or have wood boring insects, they will apply their expertise and remedy the problem.

In Sefton, find a dry rot specialist such as Apex Damp & Wall Ties specialists that are recognised and approved by PAM Ties Contractor. For complete peace of mind they offer a long term insurance backed guarantee on all damp proofing jobs. They can provide customers with full survey and borecope survey reports. These specialists provide wood timber treatments by applying insecticides and fixing the damage. Such treatments eradicate dry and wet rot, wood boring and other insects, furniture beetles and woodworm which cause immense structural damage to homes if left untreated. They also offer long life durable fixed membrane tanking systems to combat damp penetration for homes that are situated on high ground levels.

Approximately 80 percent of UK properties experience damp problems, and to find a dry rot specialist in Sefton that can provide you with exceptional workmanship is not that difficult, as Apex Damp & wall Ties will have you covered from start to finish. There are several different types of fungi that cause dry rot which in turn causes wood to become weak and brittle. Apex are experts in their field and can provide you with sound advice on the type of dry rot and what needs to be done to solve the problem. For example the wood is removed and replaced with treated wood, and to prevent any further incidents, they may use a fungicide. Give Apex Damp & Wall Ties a call today and let them solve your rot problems – you will be pleased you did.