Looking For a Dry Rot Specialist in Speke

Looking For a Dry Rot Specialist in SpekeAre you looking for a dry rot specialist in Speke? There are two common types of rot that affect wood. Perhaps the most common is wet rot which is caused by a build-up of moisture in the wood. The other form of rot is dry rot. In contrast to wet rot, dry rot is actually caused by a fungus that slowly builds up inside the wood itself. When the fungus grows it can cause the wood to crack. You can differentiate between the two different forms by the appearance. Wet rot will, as the term suggests, look wet and you may be able to feel that the wood is very soft in the affected parts. Dry rot is a little more difficult to identify. You should look for signs of cracking. In many cases, the wood may look like a small square or rectangular shape has been carved out of it. If you notice any of these warning signs, you should contact a dry rot specialist immediately.

In Speke, looking for a dry rot specialist involves searching for advertisements in your local area. Many dry rot specialists will advertise their services in the local press. In addition to this, you may receive a leaflet through your front door. It is always advisable to keep such leaflets in a safe place. They are then easily accessible when you need to use them. Another way to find a dry rot specialist is via the internet. Enter the relevant query into a search engine together with your location. You should then be able to browse the list of associated results. Finally, ask family and friends if they know of any local companies that specialise in dry rot treatments.

If you are looking for a dry rot specialist in Speke then you may have already noticed the emergence of small spores in your wood. These spores can quickly spread and can cause serious amounts of damage to the foundations in your home. Identifying the problem at an early stage and taking remedial measures can save you lots of money in the long term. Call Apex Damp & Wall Ties today!