Timber Treatment Company in Crosby

Timber Treatment Company in CrosbyAll cottage owners can protect the wooden infrastructures of their homes by using the services of a timber treatment company in Crosby. Timber treatment measures help to enhance the life of the wooden structure, or in other words wood preservation. Wood-boring insects are a common threat to all types of wood. As a result, most timber treatments attempt to eradicate woodworm, dry-rot, furniture beetles, and wet-rot. Ignoring your home’s wooden infrastructure can lead to serious structural problems in the future, not to mention heavy financial penalties.

Recently, a couple in Crosby discovered a huge infestation of woodworm in their cottage’s wooden foundation, and were therefore looked around Crosby for a timber treatment company. Through a friend, they were referred to Apex Damp and Wall Ties. After speaking to a customer associate and receiving a free estimate, a timber treatment specialist was sent to the couple’s home. After doing a quick survey, the specialist discovered that there was a woodworm infestation problem in the home that required immediate attention. After applying insecticide to the affected areas, the specialist recommended that the affected wall required some restoration work in order to recover from the damage that had occurred from the woodworm infestation. After the treatment had been completed, the couple booked another appointment to continue with restoration work of their wall.

Apex Wall and Damp Ties is the most trusted timber company in Crosby. For more than twenty years, they have provided a wide range of services related to damp proofing and wall ties to residents in the UK. Some of the services they provide include damp proofing, tank systems, cavity wall ties, and cellar and basement conversions. For more information about Apex Wall and Damp Ties services and related costs, please call them at 0800-634-9899 or find out more on the website.