Buying Wall Ties in Childwall

Wall ties ChildwallIf your walls have horizontal cracks along its brickwork, you can definitely benefit from new wall ties in Childwall. Wall ties are unseen metal components of all cavity walls built into the wall by the builder as he constructs the wall. They are crucial to the stability and safety of cavity walls as well. These cracks can occur when a rusting cavity wall tie expands, forcing the bricks apart at the mortar joint. When you look at a house constructed of brick or stone, built after the First World War, you are probably looking at a cavity wall, with wall ties present. A wall cannot stand up straight without the cavity wall ties within.

Generally, galvanised cavity wall-ties last for approximately 70 years. Afterwards, ties can begin to be affected by oxidisation, losing strength and becoming defective. Apex Damp & Wall Ties is based in Childwall and provides quality wall ties to our customers. We also provide cavity wall inspections while making use of high-tech borescope equipment. If our inspection determines that your walls are being corroded, it is necessary to install replacement wall ties. Our team can help you find the perfect product as we have a solid background in wall ties and damp proofing.

If you are looking for high quality wall ties in Childwall, Apex Damp & Wall Ties is your number one solution. We are an approved P.A.M Ties Contractor and are renowned for the quality of our workmanship, and for our friendly and reliable service. We know exactly how to help you choose the right product for your specific wall and our team looks forward to help you. For more information on wall ties and other damping products, please contact us today.