Wall Tie Replacement in Sefton

Wall Tie Replacement in SeftonWall tie replacement in Sefton must be completed by experts. As a well-known company in the area, we receive inquiries regarding wall-ties. Wall ties are used to tie the internal and external walls made of bricks. As they are made from metal, they are prone to rust and degradation after a certain amount of time. If the issue is not addressed within the recommended period, the walls may start to crack and result in the collapse of the outer leaf of the cavity wall.

There are various signs that could signal to a wall tie failure, such as the walls developing cracks and you will notice bulging brickwork. In Sefton, wall tie replacement must be completed in the most professional manner to ensure there is no cause for worry later on. At Apex Damp and Wall Ties, we have a team of experts who will carry out a survey to determine whether your suspicions are right, following which they will propose a plan and an estimate based on the work that will need to be done. If you are living in an old house and would like to ensure that it is structurally safe, give us a call and we will carry out a site survey. When the wall ties are corroded, they become independent of each other and may collapse, and can result in a catastrophe.

Wall tie replacement in Sefton is recommended to avoid further damage to your house. If you require more information or advice about wall tie replacement services, contact Apex Damp and Wall Ties. We will gladly provide a free estimate. As we have over 20 years’ experience in the field, our specialists will ensure that the aesthetic and cosmetic appearance of your building is maintained. We will also ensure minimal disruption to you while the work is being completed. With Apex Damp and Wall Ties, you will receive a professional and quality service.