Dry Rot Treatment in Seaforth

Dry Rot Treatment in SeaforthDry rot treatment in Seaforth is essential to maintain the integrity of your building. Dry rot is caused by a fungus and usually occurs in poorly ventilated conditions. This fungus attacks timber and results in the wood cracking and crumbling. Left unchecked it can cause significant structural damage to a building. It is not enough to keep your home clean, tidy and aesthetically pleasing. You also need to address underlying structural issues such as dry or wet rot, damp proofing, condensation and you may possibly need to replace your wall ties.

If you discover that timber in your home is starting to powder in Seaforth, dry rot treatment is probably required. Apex Wall Ties will inspect your building and establish what is causing the problem. We provide a number of related services such as dry or wet rot treatment or woodworm. We will treat the affected area and in most cases we will be able to restore the damage. Damp proofing is also addressed by our professionals. You will know you have rising damp if you notice curling or discoloured wallpaper, or a tidemark on the wall. Other signs of rising damp are wet or stained brickwork, and wet or rotting skirting boards. Rising damp is caused by ground water that rises through the building structure through capillary action. If you are experiencing rising damp, we will install a damp proof course.

If you have a problem with rising damp or dry rot, dry rot treatment in Seaforth is provided by Apex Wall Ties. Contact Apex Wall Ties about dry rot treatment and we will come and inspect your building. We will provide you with a free estimate for our service. Our prices are competitive and we are renowned for our high standard of workmanship. When you use our services, you can rest assured that we will get to the source of your problem and will fix it properly. We will not provide you with a cosmetic fix that will see the problem reoccurring in a short while. You can trust Apex Wall Ties to do the job properly the first time.