Wall Tie Specialist in St. Helens

Wall tie specialist in St. HelensWe at Apex Damp are a wall tie specialist in St. Helens, but what does that mean and what do we offer? We have a large client base – commercial, domestic and industrial – and more than 20 years experience in dealing with various types of damp problems. We are also an approved P.A.M. Ties Contractor which is further evidence of our experience and skill in dealing with this particular and serious issue.

In St. Helens, wall tie specialists like us are necessary because, as is the case nationwide, the age of many buildings and the nature of our climate makes structures particularly vulnerable to damp problems. We are proven experts when it comes to dealing with damp problems and damp proofing, including cavity wall-ties. Wall ties are essential to the stability and strength of walls as they connect the inner and outer “skins” or layers. The average life expectancy of a wall tie is about 70 years. After that they begin to corrode or oxidise, and when this happens they expand, placing pressure on the bricks and forcing them apart. The first sign of a weakened tie is horizontal cracks running along walls in line with the mortar between the bricks. If not attended to, one or both layer of masonry and therefore wall will collapse. Our technicians use high-tech borescope equipment to confirm that a problem is caused by corroded wall ties and to locate them. We then carry out repairs or replace them with mechanical ties to prevent further damage. After that work has been done, the cracks in the walls are repaired so that the plaster looks like new.

So, if you have noticed cracks or a masonry or damp problem you suspect might be caused by wall ties, call the wall tie specialist in St. Helens today! You could also send us an email or complete our user-friendly online Enquiry Form. We will arrange to provide you with a free estimate.