Wet Rot Specialist in Rainhill

Wet Rot Specialist in RainhillIt’s important to contact a wet rot specialist in Rainhill if your home seems to be at risk as buildings constructed in the UK are vulnerable to several types of weathering, and climatic conditions. Many buildings in this country are constructed from wood and this makes them especially susceptible to damage from damp, ground-level moisture, rain and from your own faulty plumbing, gutters, or pipes. Though wet rot is not as pernicious as dry rot, it can still pose huge risks to your health and safety if it’s left unattended to. Get help from reputed, expert professionals like Apex Wall Ties who have years of experience in dealing with these issues. Being a local business, we have in-depth knowledge of the regional weather conditions and their effect on buildings.

Wet rot occurs when timber in the building is exposed to continuous and excessive levels of moisture. In Rainhill, wet rot specialists say that the underlying cause may be high ground-water levels or it could be a structural fault in the building. When wood remains continuously damp, it provides a breeding ground for fungi and insects and the timber slowly loses its strength and resistance. Some of the characteristic signs to look out for are a perpetual damp and musty smell inside, localised fungal growth, warping of timber that looks and feels spongy, discoloured and distorted and flaky paint on the timber. It’s important to get in touch with a building contractor immediately who can recommend the right experts to deal with the problem, or you could contact us directly.

A professional wet rot specialist in Rainhill can confirm the presence and extent of wet rot in your timber. Based on this, they can create a customised treatment plan that tackles the source of the problem, repairs, maintenance and future prevention of recurrence. If you suspect you have wet rot, contact Apex Wall Ties for professional assistance and advice. If you have an older home, this could be an ongoing problem. Wet rot usually limits itself to a localised area and if spotted well in time, is not very difficult or expensive to deal with.