Do you need Damp Proofing in Ormskirk?

Damp Proofing in OrmskirkDamp proofing in Ormskirk is provided by Apex Damp and Wall Ties Ltd. We have over 20 years experience in dealing with damp problems for industrial, domestic and commercial customers. Because of our climate, old buildings and attendant older construction methods and material, some 80% of the properties in the UK are believed to have problems caused by damp. The fact that this meant a recent customer of ours wasn’t unusual did nothing to make him feel any better about the damp problems he faced at his home!

In Ormskirk, damp proofing is no less of a common necessity than elsewhere. Recently, a home owner called our offices and we made an appointment for one of our staff to do an assessment at the customer’s home, including a borescope survey. Following this a full report was provided to the customer. The survey revealed very marked rising damp and high moisture levels in the basement. Rising damp is very common and is the result of damp from the ground being absorbed by the masonry. In this case, it had resulted in noticeable damage to large sections of the paintwork and plaster covering affected bricks on no fewer than 3 external walls. This damp had not been noticed as the basement was used to store seldom-used items and therefore not visited often by family members. The solution was to install a damp proof course using a chemical injection method. Once that had been done, all of the contaminated and damaged plaster was carefully removed and then, a little later, the plaster work was restored. The client opted for our 30 year insurance backed guarantee rather than the 25 year guarantee.

If you have a problem with damp in Ormskirk at a domestic or business property, and you need professional, high quality damp proofing and the peace of mind our guarantees provide, call us, send us an email or complete our online Enquiry Form today! We will arrange to give you a free estimate.