Cavity Wall Tie Replacement In Mossley Hill

Cavity Wall Tie Replacement In Mossley HillCavity wall tie replacement in Mossley is a common way of maintaining the quality of your property.Some property agents will commission a wall tie survey when they evaluate your house and the Homebuyers Report advises property buyers to have wall ties surveyed before they make a purchase. It’s important to keep the good quality of your wall ties. Can you do the replacements on your own? No one can really tell except you. Do you think you are qualified?

In Mossley Hill, cavity wall tie replacement involves five components. First, there must be an investigation. The information about the cavity width, the type of the wall tie used on your house and the condition of the masonry and wall ties should be collected. Note that when you hire a company to do wall tie replacement you will not be charged for this survey. Wall tie replacement companies would also look at signs within and outside the property that reveals the condition of your wall ties. If there’s a problem with your wall ties, professional wall tie installers would be able to tell what caused the problem. Secondly, if your wall ties are corroded they would have to be removed. The removal by professionals would not cause any disturbance on your home. Thirdly, you need specification. You must replace the wall ties with the correct type otherwise you may experience problems in the near future. Fourthly, the new wall ties would have to be installed maintaining the highest installation standards. Lastly, there must be visuals checks and testing. In a nutshell, there’s specialist equipment and knowledge required to install wall ties.

Apex Damp and Wall Ties is a specialist in cavity wall tie replacement in Mossley Hill. There are many things we can do on our own, but even in these hard economic times things like wall tie replacement should be left to professionals. The company has been providing wall ties solutions for over twenty years. Their work is guaranteed and approved by P.A.M Ties Contractor. If you feel that your home needs this sort of work, then don’t delay and call Apex Damp and Wall Ties today.