Wall Ties Replacement in Whiston

Wall ties replacement in WhistonWall ties replacement in Whiston is likely necessary in an older house. Cavity wall ties are important for the safety and stability of all cavity walls. They are put in by the bricklayer during the construction of the house. This has been the practice for almost a century of cavity wall tie construction in the UK. Wall ties are used to join the internal and external walls of a cavity wall and are installed during construction. Over time, wall ties can corrode and will require replacement. This is more likely when ungalvanised or inadequately protected steel wall ties have been used. This type of corrosion causes an expansion that will force apart mortar joints. This results in the cracking of masonry. Other symptoms include bulging of walls and the lifting of roof edges.

Replacement of wall ties may also be necessary if the original wall ties used to construct a cavity wall were installed incorrectly, too few were installed, or the wrong type were installed. In Whiston, wall tie replacement is done by following a particular procedure. First, our experts will investigate and determine the condition of the existing wall ties. We use high-tech borescope equipment to inspect the cavity walls. If our inspection determines that your walls are being corroded, it is necessary to install replacement wall-ties.

Specialist knowledge and equipment are required, and wall ties replacement in Whiston will be expertly carried out by our professionals. Contact Apex Damp and Wall Ties for a free estimate for wall ties replacement. We are renowned for the quality of our workmanship, and for our friendly and reliable service. We also offer a 25-year and 30-year insurance backed guarantees on all the work we do. Generally, galvanised cavity wall-ties last for approximately 70 years. After this time, ties can begin to be affected by oxidisation, losing strength and becoming defective. If you are concerned about the condition of the wall ties in your older home, speak to Apex.