Cracks On Your Walls? Consider Cavity Wall Tie Replacement in Maghull

Cavity wall tie replacement in MaghullIt is high time to consider cavity wall tie replacement in Maghull when you start finding cracks on your walls. Not only are these cracks ugly and unsightly, they are also indicative of underlying problems in your wall and brickwork. Common galvanized wall ties are generally known to last for about 70 years. However, oxidation and other such natural phenomena can affect  staying power through the years. As a result, your wall ties will start deteriorating and losing strength, resulting in a decline of performance and widespread deterioration. When cavity wall ties are rusted, bricks are forced apart right where they are joined together by mortar. This, in turn, can be dangerous if left unchecked, as the integrity of your structure will be highly compromised.

In Maghull, cavity wall tie replacement can be easily performed by Apex Damp and Wall Ties Ltd. As part of their service, Apex conducts on-site inspections to determine the integrity of your wall ties. They use cutting edge borescope equipment for detection, so you can be sure that any deterioration will be found and dealt with in no time at all. And once they do find signs of corrosion, the wall ties will then be replaced with new ones, giving your brickwork a new lease on life.

Apart from cavity wall tie replacement in Maghull, Apex also offers a variety of other related services. They are specialists in damp proofing using a foolproof chemical injection method designed especially for brickwork. They are also adept at wood treatment, which is a great way to deal with wood boring insects, such as woodworm, dry and wet rot, and furniture beetles, to name a few. And if you have problems with damp and excessive moisture on your property, their fixed membrane tanking systems can be easily installed with very little disruption to your normal routine. They even do cellar and basement conversions, so you are able to expand on your living areas and ultimately enjoy more room. So if you are looking for cavity wall tie replacement, or if you are in need of assistance to deal with your problems with moisture, contact Apex Damp and Wall Ties.