Have a Dry Home with a Damp Proof Course in Formby

a Damp Proof Course in FormbyRising damp is unhealthy and costly and a damp proof course in Formby is effectively used to stop dampness in walls. Formby is an affluent town in Merseyside, but rising damp can result in an estate agent suggesting a lower price for your home. Rising damp is costly too because it leads to timber decay or to peeling of expensive wallpaper. With a damp proof course, sometimes a vertical or horizontal barrier in a wall will assist to resist moisture which rises through the wall. Apex Damp and Wall Ties will help you make the right damp proof course choice. They know that damp occurs when masonry walls absorb damp from the ground up and one of the most effective methods is the chemical injection method, a method best suited for brickwork.

In Formby, a damp proof course expert will suggest different damp proofing methods. Certainly if the rising damp is to be eliminated, it is important that the cause of is established and this is when expert advice is so important. A reputable company will eliminate the problem and ultimately save you money, energy and your health.

A damp proof course in Formby needs to be done by skilled specialists. There are unfortunately unskilled and unprofessional companies who can misdiagnose a damp problem. Apex Damp and Wall Ties survey your walls to accurately determine the extent of damage. A chemical is sometimes injected into holes in the masonry to prevent damp. Offering damp proofing as well as wall tie replacement in the North West, Wales and beyond, the reliable and reputable team has more than 20 years of damp proof experience in domestic and commercial properties. Their services include the likes of tanking and timber treatment, lateral restrains, cavity wall-ties, crack repairs as well as cellar and basement conversions. With their 25 and 30 year insurance backed guarantees, isn’t it time you called in the wall salvaging experts?  Contact Apex Damp and Wall Ties for an expert damp proof course for your home.