Need a Dry Rot Specialist in Aughton?

Dry Rot Specialist in AughtonDo need a reliable dry rot specialist in Aughton?Fret not. If you own wooden furniture and find that it has been attacked by dry rot, you do not need to throw it away. However, while many people choose to throw these away, there are parts which shouldn’t be thrown away and can be salvaged with the right treatment. Once dry rot starts to grow, it can cause irreparable damage to your property and you can hire professionals who can make sure that it is adequately removed. Even though there might be dry rot spores in a house, they are mostly harmless as long as they don’t come into contact with water.

In Aughton, a dry rot specialist can be sourced at Apex Damp & Wall Ties. The company has been in this business for over 20 years and they are more than capable to advise you on the correct steps to be taken if you are currently experiencing this issue at home. One of the most recent projects that the company has completed was to survey a house for dry rot. The client was not sure whether the problem had spread to the inconspicuous parts of the house and thought that the company would be able to help him find the extent of the problem. The professionals went to his house and surveyed it and found what treatment was  needed. They then took care of the problem and treated the infected areas.

Apex Damp & Wall Ties has a dry rot specialist in Aughton. If you have any other enquiries, you are more than welcome to talk to the company. The staff members would love to talk to you and help you with the information that you need. Please note that the company specialises in a number of services such as damp wall, crack repairs, rising damp, and wood boring insects. If you want to maintain the value of your property and you don’t want it to fall into ruins, then the best course of action to take is to call the company. If you are looking for a dry rot specialist, contact Apex Damp & Wall Ties.