Do You Need a Dry Rot Specialist in Waterloo?

dry rot specialist in WaterlooYou need to call a dry rot specialist in Waterloo if you think your home or business has decay problems. Dry rot is a brownish rot decay caused by certain fungi deteriorates the timber of buildings and other wooden construction. Initially it appears to be happening without any apparent source of moisture. However, moisture is involved with this problem. The problem is caused by a specific species of fungi that digests part of the wood, which weakens it. Wood treatments are available to kill rot by filling the channels of the damaged wood and restoring its integrity.

In Waterloo, dry rot specialist services are offered by Apex Damp and Wall Ties. They are specialists in eradicating wood boring fungi, insects, dry-rot, wet-rot, woodworm, and other infestations that can harm wood structures. They will come to your property and diagnose the problem, so you are certain you are fixing the correct problem. Many properties in the UK have problems with wood structures due to damp. Apex has over 20 years’ experience in combating and providing solutions to homeowners and business owners. They offer services to the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. They will provide full survey reports when needed. The company is able to restore walls to their original condition following treatment. They offer 25 and 30-year insurance backed guarantees as well.

A dry rot specialist in Waterloo, from Apex Damp can schedule an appointment with you and have your structure back in good shape in no time. Avoid future problems associated with damp and dry rot and give them a call. For more information about a dry rot specialist, contact Apex Damp and Wall Ties.